How to Paint a Fabric Chair

Hi everyone! It’s Meleah from Mustard Tree Market. Let’s learn how to paint fabric using Chalk Mineral Paint! This vintage chair spoke to me with her feminine curves and tufted upholstery.  I knew she would be perfect for this whimsical furniture makeover!

How to Paint a Fabric Chair

Materials List:

How To:

Step 1:

First, clean the wood with White Lightning. Then, rinse with water. I sprayed disinfectant on fabric and used vinegar and water spray to lightly mist and remove any dust in the button holes! I grabbed my synthetic round brush and a mister bottle to begin painting the fabric.

Step 2:

Next, spray the upholstery until damp. Then, spray your paint brush. I used the Chalk Mineral Paint color The Gulf. I painted two coats like this, before I began painting the wood in Holy Guacamole, again with two coats!

Step 3:

After that, I decided to paint the back of the upholstery in Soft Pink, for the background of my polka dot design!

Step 4:

Now for some fun and whimsical polka dots! I applied these by hand using a round synthetic brush tied off at the end to create a stencil brush. Dip, stamp, dip, stamp, I go… making imperfect dots using the brilliant cherry red color, Honky Tonk Red!

How to Paint a Fabric Chair

To read the rest of this playful and whimsical tutorial, head to Mustard Tree Market here!

How to Paint a Fabric Chair
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