How to Create Faded Denim Furniture

Who doesn’t love a good pair of faded denim jeans? Do Dodson Designs recreated this look on furniture!

How to Create Faded Denim Furniture

“Before starting your furniture project you will need to thoroughly clean your piece. I recommend a product called White Lightning. Paint will not adhere to a grimy, dirty piece, so therefore this is a crucial step in any painted wood furniture makeover.”

Dixie Belle Paint Products:

How to Create Faded Denim Furniture

Step 1

I started with a beautiful color called Sand Bar and painted the the top 2/3 of the bench leaving the bottom unpainted. I’ll be adding a darker color below so no need to waste paint, right?

Step 2

The lower 1/3 of the bench I applied a gorgeous Yankee Blue color by Dixie Belle and this is where the faded jean look comes in if you were wondering.

Step 3

The third color I used was Mud Puddle by Dixie Belle. It’s a beautiful brown color that well represents its name and by blending the three colors, I was able to create a beautiful faded look that seamlessly flowed into each other. This technique isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Get Creative with Color

Sand Bar

Sand Bar is a neutral and natural color that will go with everything! Suzanne certainly had the beach on her mind when she created this stunning sandy tone.

How to Create Faded Denim Furniture

Mud Puddle

Mud Puddle is a rich and creamy taupe color with a hint of gray. This color is often used to blend with Sand Bar or Buttercream. We can definitely see why!

Yankee Blue

Yankee Blue is a deep navy blue. We’re in love with this patriotic color, the perfect match to blend into a denim finish.

How to Create Faded Denim Furniture

For more details on this painted product, check out Do’s blog here!

How to Create Faded Denim Furniture

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  1. Maggie Martin says:

    Fantabulous! Beautimous! and Wonderful!
    Thanks for this!

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Maggie, thanks so much for the love on this blog post! Come hang out with us on Dixie Belle’s Chalk Mineral Paint Enthusiasts Group:

  2. Tara says:

    Can u PLEASE tell me what the wall is??? I am SO in love with the color and style. The look is gorgeous. Please give me details.

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Tara, we’re unsure about the details of the wall but we recommend reaching out to Do Dodson Designs for more information. Here is her Facebook page: Happy painting! 🙂

  3. teresa says:

    i did a wall like yours years ago using same paint using a clear glaze and a sea spunge afterwall was dry

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Teresa, wow that is so fabulous! We’re so glad you were able to paint your wall with Dixie Belle Paint! Follow us on Pinterest for more painted inspiration Happy painting! ?

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