Create Folk Art Furniture

Hey its Crys’Dawna from Bella Renovare!

Bone inlay furniture and folk art furniture styles are some of my favorite!!! I wanted to mesh these two styles together for a fun boho, eclectic style!!!

Materials List:

Create Folk Art Furniture

How To:

This piece is pretty standard so it makes it easier to get more eclectic with. It did have a shiny finish so I scoff sanded with my Rad Pads by Surf Prep and then cleaned with my Dixie Belle White Lightning. I also stripped down the top of the console table with my Surf Prep Sanding System.

Then, I painted the face of the doors and inset of the sides using Bunker Hill Blue. I mixed Rustic Red and Bunker Hill Blue with Sea Spray. Learn how to mix your Sea Spray with paint in this blog.

I have been super into mixing custom colors lately. I mixed a 1:1 mix of Colonel Mustard and Holy Guacamole for this cool Dijon Mustard Color. Once I had this color mixed, I painted over the base coat that was completely dried. Then, decoupage. I used Satin Clear Coat with the rice paper.

Create Folk Art Furniture

For the bone inlay inspired stencil, I used Sawmill Gravy and the Dixie Belle French Tip brush to “Dab” the stencil. Once I was done putting paint on the stencil, I pulled the stencil off while it was still wet. I repeated the process across the entire furniture piece.

For the top of the piece, I used Dixie Belle’s Bayou Moss Voodoo Gel Stain. I added the Bayou Moss on top and then added White Magic Voodoo Gel Stain one top of that. Lastly, I sealed the piece with Easy Peasy Spray Wax.

Create Folk Art Furniture

Check out my video on this piece!

To learn more about this painted piece, head to Bella Renovare here!

Create Folk Art Furniture

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  1. Barbara says:

    Love it
    You teach me so much
    Barb in Texas

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Thanks for the kind words Barb!! We hope to be a resource for those interested in learning how to paint and use our products!

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