How to Makeover with Midnight Sky

Today we took a nice 5 drawer tall boy and brought it back to life with an amazing overhaul!

The piece was in good condition so we first sanded it down lightly. The sanding was done to remove any chemicals and such that might have collected over the years. It also gives the piece a nice base for the paint to stick too. This step is not always needed but we did it.

Next we vacuum the piece and then finish it off with a nice wash with a damp rag to remove any final dust that we created.

The piece is now ready to be painted and we start off with Midnight Sky. This paint goes on so nice and even that doing these pieces takes little time.

The amount of coverage you will get using this paint and the Dixie Belle Paint Brushes will change how long your projects will take.

I instantly noticed how much surface area was able to be covered which is great. We did two coats to give it a solid color since we are not scuffing up this pieces.

I let the paint dry over night and then began using Clear Coat in Flat. It spreads on really nicely and drys to a nice clear coat. We had 75 degree weather and was sunny so the process moved along very quickly.

We finished up by putting our hardware back on and getting it under the tree for final pictures. This piece is being given as a donation for a family in need in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. This deserving family is part of a donation drive called, “Packing a dresser with a punch!”

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