How to Paint a Pink and White Striped Dresser

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I’m sharing another makeover of a makeover, only this is a piece I’ve had as long as my 14 year old&his baby changing table! Then it got passed down to my younger son when he was born. After he no longer needed it as a changing table (and because I’m cheap), I decided that rather than buy him a big boy dresser, why not cut off the awkward hump to make it look more like a dresser? And so we did remove the awkward hump from a baby changing table!

Remove the awkward hump from a baby changing table!

I added a wood top and stained it to match his headboard, and that worked for a few more years. Then we decided to buy my son a new bed this Summer that had drawers built in underneath (this one&its awesome!), so we no longer needed this dresser.

Pink and white striped dresser from

I decided it needed freshening up and the stained top wasn’t really doing it for me so I decided to go girly!

I love how it turned out! Its probably a good thing I have boys, because I would have gone crazy in a little girl’s room. I thought it would be beautiful in a room with lots of white -white bedding and white draperies. The color I used is Soft Pink by Dixie Belle Paint.

DIxie Belle Paint in Soft White and Fluff

Dixie Belle Paint in Soft Pink was used and the stripes are done in a soft white called Fluff. When they contacted me about trying their paint, I had this dresser in mind and requested a pink color. These sweet glass knobs were a lucky HomeGoods find. Every once in a while I find really beautiful knobs there. These were perfectly feminine for this girly piece.It would still make a perfect baby changing table, just need to add a changing pad to the top.

Pink and white striped dresser from

Of course it can also just be a dresser. The inside of the cabinet got a coat of pink as well, how fun!

Pink and white striped dresser from

And I found this whimsical fabric at JoAnn Fabrics for the inside of the drawers.

Pink and white striped dresser from

Happy Painting!

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