How to Use Patina Paint on Glass

Have you ever added rust paint to a glass vase before?

Do Dodson Designs used our amazing Patina paint to create a rustic look! Lets go through the details.

She used White Lightning to clean, Slick Stick so the paint will stick to the glass and Dixie Belle Paint colors, Bunker Hill Blue and Buttercream. Then, she painted on Iron
Patina Paint
, Green Patina Spray and Gator Hide.

Immediately after applying the Iron Patina Paint with the sponge, (while its still wet) spray over the painted surface with the green patina spray. If the Iron Patina Paint is dry when you apply the patina spray, the activation process will not occur. Its important that it is wet.

To get the full details, click here!

How to Use Patina Paint on Glass

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  1. Donna says:

    Can I use the patina paint over a vase that I spray painted or do I need to put a coat of DB on it? Thanks

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Donna, yes you need to paint a coat of Dixie Belle Paint before Patina Paint. Happy painting! 🙂

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