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Hello everyone, I’m Linda from Q is for Quandie!

Once again, my handyman Ken did a fantastic job turning a bed into a bench.

Materials List:

How To:

Originally I was going to go more neutral and paint it either white or a pale grey.  But then I decided I was bored with playing it safe and I pulled out Dixie Belle’s Savannah Mist.  This is a lovely grey blue color.

I decided to try the bare leg look again on this piece since there were four pretty turned legs to work with.  They were fairly dinged up though, so this was a good opportunity for me to try Dixie Belle’s No Pain Gel Stain in Walnut.

I sanded the legs just lightly with some 220 grit paper first.  I then cleaned off the dirt and dust using a damp rag.  Next I applied two coats of gel stain with an old t-shirt.  Looks pretty darn good for not having to strip first, don’t you think?

It’s not perfect, but certainly totally sufficient for these legs.  If you’re a perfectionist, you might prefer stripping to bare wood, using a traditional stain, and then adding a poly finish.  But if, like me, you think some imperfections simply add to the charm of an older piece then the No Pain Gel Stain is for you!

In addition to leaving the legs unpainted, I also left that little trim piece at the top of the bench unpainted.

As a final touch, I added with prima’s The Birds & the Bees transfer to the bench.

How sweet is that? And how perfect for a bench in the foyer of someone’s home.

To read more about this painted piece on Q is for Quandie, click here!

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  1. Marietta says:

    Hi there,

    I have been cruising the web looking for Dixie Belle painted furniture in all your blues. Then I saw Savannah Mist and it looked blue. I read it is a blue-grey, but at times it looks very grey and other times it looks almost a light baby/robin’s egg blue. Can someone tell me how much blue is in this Grey, or how much grey is in this blue?

    Tank you!

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Marietta! We’d say it leans more towards blue, with a hint of gray. Hope this helps!

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