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How to Make a Fall Centerpiece

We’re so excited for this guest blog written by Crys’Dawna of Bella Renovare, LLC.

Do you want to decorate with more than just orange? Burgundy is another beautiful fall color to add to your fall decor with. It will add another unique pop of color to your home as well. 

I have to say the red palette line is one of my favorites so I am so excited that we can use Dixie Belle Paint in Muscadine Wine and Iron Patina for a rust look. Are you ready to have a unique and awesome fall decor piece that everyone will drool over? Let’s create, friends!

Step One

The first step is to take the Muscadine Wine (or whatever color you choose) and a chip brush. Flip the basket upside down on top of a piece of paper or drop cloth, and paint as much as you want with that base coat color.

Step Two

After that base coat dries, you will use the Iron Patina and a separate chip brush (make sure you shake and mix the patina paint really well) you will do your first coat however you want. With the patina paint, the first coat MUST DRY before you paint a second coat. 

Step Three

When you put your second coat of patina paint on, you will also spray your patina spray on it. The spray must be applied when the second coat is STILL WET. The Iron Patina Paint takes a little longer to activate into a rusty finish so just be patient at this point.

Step Four

Once you are happy with where your rust is, you could do one of two things: walk away and just let it do its thing for the long haul or you can seal it.

After you are done with these steps, you will take your floral fall decor bundle and put it in your basket. VOILA! you have a super cute, super unique fall decor piece to add to your holiday spirit arsenal!

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