How to Update a Bookcase

Do you love an elegant look to your pieces? 

See how Linda of Q is for Quandie created a stunningly chic look on her piece.

For this gorgeous bookcase, Linda used Dixie Belle Paint Fluff. She stenciled the back in the color Driftwood. Then, she finished the piece with Clear Coat Flat.

I wanted the design to be centered once the back was back in place. So I first measured and placed the center of the stencil at the top center of the back.

Then it worked out and down from there waiting for the paint to dry each time before re-positioning the stencil.

Then, I added a fresh coat of Dixie Belle Paint’s Fluff to the rest of the piece, followed by the Flat Clear Coat.

Next, I added a second coat of Clear Coat on the shelves because they will likely take more of a beating than the rest of the piece.”

 For the full tutorial click here!

How to Update a Bookcase

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