How to Create Patina Ornaments

We’re in love with this Christmas tutorial from ArtsyVaVa!¬†

How to Create Patina Ornaments

“I gave the ornament a coat of Dixie Belle Paint. I used Barn Red, but the color doesn’t matter because in the end it won’t show. The patina needs something to grab onto, so that’s why you can’t skip this step.

To create rust, I used the Iron Patina Paint. It has metal in it which can settle, so I gave it a good shake then painted one coat of the iron paint onto the ornament.

While the second coat was still wet, I sprayed it with the Green Patina Spray. 

I let the first coat of the Iron paint dry completely. Then I painted a second coat of the Iron Patina Paint.”

Read the full tutorial here!

How to Create Patina Ornaments

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