How to Create a Whimsical Boho Armoire

If I could give you a window into both my HEART and SOUL… would see this.

A world full of dreamy colorful furniture….both bold and playful….dressed with ALL my favorite patterns…..dipped in gilded gold……and sitting proudly on a dancing pair of curvy stout legs!

The first steps are the most important though. Clean with White Lightning!

I also used BOSS in White on this piece to block odors, stains, and stop bleed thru.

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How To:

This piece is base coated in a freestyle painting technique that I refer to as color washing.

It is NOT perfect! There are no rules!! It is very liberating for me to be able to express myself in such a way. Just throwing color down and letting it move where it wants to without any form of control!

When you have a piece filled with patterns and colors and chaos….stripes help to balance and calm and ground the piece. I love the addition of the Soft Pink and Honky Tonk Red stripes….and of course the Drop Cloth and Caviar (black and white) touches ALL OVER!

Check out all the Dixie Belle Paint colors featured on this armoire. To get more details on this painted piece, click here!




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