How to Create a Spring Dresser

Hi everyone, Denise from Salvaged Inspirations here!

Have you been noticing all the insanely gorgeous floral furniture makeovers showing up on Pinterest lately?

If you’ve ever wanted to try a larger transfer or have ever applied furniture transfers which overlap your drawers, today I’m sharing an easy DIY Hack I know you’ll find helpful and it saves a ton of time!

With some stain, spring color, and a floral furniture transfer, voila! Isn’t she gorgeous? Total spring makeover!

Dixie Belle Paint Products:
How to Create a Spring Dresser
How To:

An easy quick-tip or #hack to avoid spending time cutting your transfers to size [for each drawer] is to use a craft knife. I get mine for a $1 at the dollar store but any utility knife or X-Acto will work.

First I lay my piece on it’s back. I find it much easier to lay out the design and apply the transfers when the piece is horizontal rather than vertical — and then lay the floral design right over the drawer opening.

Once the transfer is all rubbed on, I use a craft knife to cut the transfer between the drawer slits.

For the finishing touch, I use the rub on stick provided with the transfer to wrap the excess around the drawer.

Once it’s all rubbed on and the plastic top is removed, it’s a flawless finish!

I used No Pain Gel Stain in Walnut on the top and legs on this painted piece in addition to Apricot on the body. I loooove this color!

Head over to Salvaged Inspirations here for more details on this painted piece.

How to Create a Spring Dresser

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