How to Create a Circus Armoire

Check out this circus inspired armoire painted by Traceys Fancy

Tracey is so talented with color! She can turn any ordinary piece into an amazing colorful masterpiece.

She used Dixie Belle Paint colors: The GulfHonky Tonky RedDaisyPeony and Cotton.

This bright and bold piece is NOT meant to satisfy the masses! It is very taste specific I am aware! But I have to say it is fresh and fun and so much better than the hardly noticeable before piece. I love the fuchsia handles against the turquoise drawers. I love the mix of fire red and fuchsia its so unexpected! Every detail on this piece has now been highlighted and that is so important in furniture design!

To see the full details of this whimsical armoire, click here!

How to Create a Circus Armoire

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