How To Create 4th of July Decor!

Hello, everyone! It’s Donna from Do Dodson Designs here ! I’m going to show you how to create 4th of July decor!


Materials List:

-Scrap Wood

-1 30-inch board

-2 19-inch boards

-Wood Screws


-Speed Square


Cobalt Blue Chalk Mineral Paint

Cotton Chalk Mineral Paint

Artist Brushes

-Black Permanent Markers

How To:

Step 1:

First, cut the wood to the proper size needed. (Sand if needed as well)

Step 2:

Second, add support by assembling the wood into the shape you’d like and secure with wood screws.

Step 3:

Then, paint your piece of choice with a light coat of Cobalt Blue.

Step 4:

Next, add hand lettering to your 4th of July sign by marking the center of the wooden piece. Draw letters out lightly with pencil (about 3 inches apart). Paint in letters with Cotton.

Step 5:

After that, for optional letter shading, use your permanent marker. Simply, use your marker first to mark the areas you want to have a shadow and then fill that in with the permanent marker.

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