How to Blend with Flamingo

Coral paint colors can be SO hard to nail! But, when the sweet girls next door have a dresser and their room just screams for the perfect coral reef color dresser, how can I ignore the cry? There is something so warm and fresh about the perfect coral colors. So, I made it my mission to create the best coral color painted dresser I possibly could create, including a beautiful image transfer!

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How To:

First, I cleaned with White Lightning to ensure the piece was clear of dirt, grime, and grease.

Next, I decided I wanted to switch the chest pulls out for knobs instead. So I began removing all the existing hardware.

The holes then had to be filled. I chose to use Dixie Belle Mud in Brown. Using a small spatula, I filled the hole allowing it to smooth out over the edge a inch or two. This allows for great smoothness as I sand it with my orbital sander once it dries.

After everything was prepped and dried, I began painting! I started with Flamingo. It’s a lovely coral that leans toward the orange side.

How to Blend with Flamingo

Using a water bottle I mist the surface liberally. The KEY to blending well is to have the surface saturated perfectly.

Now, its time to blend! I blend in Drop Cloth and Barn Red to create a large range of the best coral colors. This is exactly why I say you can’t have just one! It’s the range that ends up looking so very lovely.

After painting, I added the gorgeous transfer.

How to Blend with Flamingo

Once everything had been laid it was time to protect it! I knew it would be well-loved and well used so I was sure to use Gator Hide to protect it. All done!

How to Blend with Flamingo

Some of the coral-painted areas carry much more orange hues, and others more pink. I love how almost fiery it feels yet it’s still refined. Using Barn Red, a deep red paint color really managed to add so much depth and interest to this already lovely color.

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How to Blend with Flamingo

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