DIY Ombre Furniture

Hi I’m Kristin from The 5th Sparrow No More here!

I’m here to show you how to update your room with DIY ombre furniture to create a floral, fashion, and fauna bedroom!


How To:


Step 1:

Since I had 5 drawers on my dresser, I created 5 custom shades of paint ranging from the original color to nearly white in order to achieve the DIY ombre furniture effect.

To view the measurements of my custom mixed colors, visit my blog here!

Step 2:

Group drawers; group the drawers into what needed to be painted the same color.

Step 3:

Paint drawers; mark with a writing utensil on the bottom of each drawer so you know what exact shade of paint it needs.


Step 1:

Clean and prep before painting with Whitecap Silk Mineral Paint

Step 2:

I painted a custom mix of Moonshine Metallics Wedding Belle and Gemstone Mousse Golden Gem onto the ruffle trim of the headboard.



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