Create a Whimsical Desk

Hey y’all, Tracey’s Fancy here!

I very very very rarely paint with JUST white….but it really is perfect on this gold striped desk.

Just the shape of this piece alone called out to me!

I figured I would get it to the shop…..and repaint it if needed.  But after careful inspection…I was pleasantly surprised with the existing paint job…

…and chose to only freshen it up with a light coat of Buttercream by Dixie Belle Paint and some heavy-handed sanding.

I then taped off the section above the top drawer… well as that amazing lower skirt… preparation for a playful stripe.

Create a Whimsical Desk

I chose Eternal Decor Wax by Redesign with Prima to stripe with… it’s a quick and easy method for stripes.  See my short Painting Stripes with Furniture Wax tutorial here.

I sealed the entire piece in DB Clear Coat in Satin.

It is feminine…..but not dainty!

It has a boldness and strength about it that I just love!

To read more about this painted piece, head to Tracey’s Fancy here!

Create a Whimsical Desk

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