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How to Paint with Light Colors

Check out the huge impact of light toned paint on different spaces! The before and afters are simply stunning with a fresh coat of white paint. It creates an entirely different look and design.

Let’s start small and look at some bathroom cabinets. We lightened the cabinets with a paint and glaze, painted a solid white paint on the mirror and added crystal hardware to the cabinets.

Next we lightened the fireplace and our client changed the tile to beige to transform this space. We used Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Fluff on this fireplace. It worked beautifully.

Next we went to the kitchen. A re-design was needed so a reconstruction of the stove area was done and then painted and glazed. What a huge difference to this space! Take a look at how the hardware on kitchen cabinets can do some makeover magic as well.

Last we lightened the kitchen cabinets for the final makeover while keeping the island cabinets in brown. The contrast worked so well with the hardware, chandelier and stools.

Here is another example of the center island in black with gold inlay with the kitchen cabinets painted white. This is a stylish way to add some dimension and design to your kitchen.

Our favorite paint for the above projects is Dixie Belle Paint. It doesn’t require prep or sanding and the adhesion is amazing. It also doesn’t require wax or a top coat although in high traffic areas we opt to always add a clear coat as a protective sealer.

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