Antique Washstand Makeover

Hi everyone! It’s Do from Do Dodson Designs! I found an antique washstand on the curb! It was a total freebie! It was one of those days that only a furniture flipper understands all the feels from a curbside find like this one. Who throws away furniture like this? I knew the potential for a fantastic washstand makeover with this one!

Antique Washstand Makeover

I’ve always said that painting furniture has saved my life through paint therapy. True, but since I started moving my body by walking, many things have changed, including my health.

On January 1st, 2021, I decided to do better for my health. I added daily walking, and it has now earned the label “lifesaver.” Mentally and physically. I enjoy my walks and have met wonderful new friends and found some beautiful things along the roadside.

The day I found this gem, I was on my 20-mile walk, to be exact! I’m in training for a walking marathon, and Sundays are my long walks. Maybe “they” knew I would be passing by (most of my neighbors know me as the lady that walks all the time), so they put it out just for me. I want to think that anyways. So, I phoned my hubby to come to pick it up ASAP. I waved as he drove slowly by with it loaded in the bed of his truck. He’s a good guy!

I think it needs some color (chalk mineral paint), but I also want to salvage that beautiful oak wood underneath those layers of paint. Washstand makeover, here I come!

Materials List:

How To:

Step 1:

First, I began this washstand makeover by removing the old paint from the top. I also decided to strip the cabinet door as well.

Step 2:

Next, I painted the washstand in the color Juniper. After painting this piece with chalk mineral paint, I used a sander to distress and add worn areas that added to the aged look it already had. Some of the original paint was exposed to add even more vintage charm.

Antique Washstand Makeover

To read the rest of this charming tutorial, hop on over to Do Dodson Designs here!

Antique Washstand Makeover

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