The Dixie Belle Paint Company Story

About Suzanne

Suzanne Fulford founded Dixie Belle Paint Company in October of 2013. She started her journey as an enthusiastic DIYer with a passion for cultivating and creating beautiful, timeless pieces.

Her love for bringing new life to forgotten furniture became far more than a hobby for her. She discovered that the art of restoring and painting neglected furniture and antiques brought her true peace of mind.

As she progressed in her craft, Suzanne found that the traditional restoration tasks of sanding, scraping, and priming were extremely time-consuming and just plain hard work.

Her quest for an easier way led her to discover a “new” chalk mineral paint product which eliminated these labor-intensive steps. The only problem was the price. The products available were much too expensive for the average crafter. Suzanne would not be deterred.

Known as a “Mad Scientist” by her family and friends, she set out to create her own line of chalk mineral paint.

Our Philosophy

Dixie Belle Paint Company provides a line of chalk mineral paint that is high quality and easy to use. Most importantly, it’s priced so every DIYer can create and discover the joy of painting.

Dixie Belle Paint is family owned and operated. Built on important American values, we strive for excellence.

We support over 1,500 small businesses in the United States and Canada.

Dixie Belle Paint is a family, product, and company you can trust!

Our Products

Dixie Belle Paint is the #1 Chalk Mineral Paint in the USA!

We have a palette of 64 amazing colors! Pieces with Dixie Belle Paint will have a stunning matte finish.

No sanding, priming, or sealing is required.

We also offer a full line of waxes, glazes, stains, patina, and metallic paints as well as a wide variety of brushes, stencils, and other accessories.

Find a retailer near you or order our products in our shop!

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6 hours ago

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KT used Voodoo Gel Stain in Denim with the wood graining tool!

Great job KT!

Send hearts if you're loving this look so far!

KT is applying her second coat of Copper Patina paint

Clean with soap and water on the brushes!

Gilding Wax on the details!

KT is starting with Patina Paint in Iron and Copper

KT is using the Patina Collection!

Order your Dixie Belle Paints & Products here:

She's using Blue Patina spray to activate the paint

Gator Hide!

Vintage Duck Egg and Flea Market Decor Birchwood!

Best Dang Wax in Brown, Grunge Gray and White

KT will be doing patina paint today!

Hi KT!

Send hearts if you're loving this look!

Love the copper gilding wax

Super creative - can't wait to see the final look!

I see now that it isn't white I love this dresser I love anything beachy

Thank you!

I appreciate you taking the time to show the whole process!

Perfect for a beach house 😍

So pretty !!!

👋 Hi! I’m late 🤦🏼‍♀️

Hi, Lynn

Today is World Emoji Day!
What emoji would you use to describe how you feel when you get a Dixie Belle Paint package?
Share your answer in the comments!
#DixieBellePaint #BestPaintOnPlanetEarth #WorldEmojiDay #Emoji

Today is World Emoji Day!
What emoji would you use to describe how you feel when you get a Dixie Belle Paint package?
Share your answer in the comments!
#DixieBellePaint #BestPaintOnPlanetEarth #WorldEmojiDay #Emoji
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8 hours ago

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😂 💘 😁 ❤













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