How to Create a Faux Denim Finish

Hi everyone, Crys’Dawna here! Faux finishes have really been my jam lately. Naturally I needed to create my own faux denim finish for furniture! I am so excited to share this with you!

Who doesn’t like a nice pair of comfy jeans? Now visualize that look on a piece of furniture. You CANNOT go wrong!! I have seen many techniques over the years. I played a round a bit and did something I thought would be easy enough for a beginner but give you a look of an advanced painter. This is my easy guide to a faux denim finish for furniture.

Products Used:

How To:

You want a lighter base coat, under your Bunker Hill Blue. For this piece I used Cotton by Dixie Belle and painted the entire piece in Cotton as a base coat.

Once your base coat of Cotton is completely dry, you will want to put your next coat. Bunker Hill Blue is the next coat. Completely cover your piece with one coat of the Bunker Hill Blue. While your paint is still wet you are going to create your faux denim finish.

For this next part I used a Zinsser paste brush, it has plastic bristles. You could even find a wicker broom or a hand broom at the store to test out. This brush was inexpensive and easy to work with. While the Bunker Hill Blue was still wet I ran the brush vertically along the piece. I then went over the piece in a horizontal motion. I repeated this a few times to give a realistic denim weave look.

After I did the weaving part with just the brush, I allowed the piece to dry. After the paint was dry, I then used Cotton to add to the look. I poured some on a paper towel and spread it with a chip brush, therefore it would be evenly distributed on the brush. While dabbing the paste brush on the paint lightly, I went over the piece again. Using the same technique as I did when only using the paste brush without paint. This will add a little more dimension to your piece really bringing out a faux denim finish.

This is the part where I used the In the Navy and Bunker Hill Blue to soften up and tie the entire faux denim finish together. I used the cheap chip brushes to dry brush the two blue colors, therefore softening up the look. As well as using the colors to shade and blend. I put a little bit of paint in an area and then used my chip brush in a circular motion to blend it into the finish.

After the paint was dry, I used the bronze gilding wax all over the piece. Shading the corner and going over different edges. To learn more about this painted piece, head to Bella Renovare here!

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LIVE with Brushed by Brandy, playing with metallics...and patina!

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10 hours ago

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We’re loving this project!

Brandy is using the Patina Collection tonight!

Say hello and tell us where you’re from!

Thanks so much Brandy!

Hi Brandy! We’re so excited for this video!

Make sure to use Prime Start on metal before using patina!

This is great.😍❀️

Paint hands r the best hands πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

I just came in. Is the brown painted, or are you at the very start of a new project?

Your shows are awesome! Makes one think we can get better at it.

Sean, Brandy said you next to never get mad; you sound like my husband!

If I wanted to use the corrosive patina sprays in controlled areas such as the corners of doors, would it be best to sponge it on, brush it on or stipple it on? I want to make sure that I’m able to control where it goes on my next project.

I noticed that the spray For the patina paint had a vinegar smell. I was wondering if apple cider vinegar would cause the same reaction with the patina paint? just curious😁

My son is 17 but every year I still hide a box in the back under the tree with a Christmas bell in it. He loves it!

What a great finish for this piece. I will need to look from beginning later. Seeing your reflection on the

Evening Kollenborns!! I just love patina paint!! I can't wait to see the results!!πŸ˜πŸ’š

Don't worry Sean - we're all here and I'm sure you look lovely as usual!!πŸ˜πŸ’š

My retailer has the silver but only one step of it. I wasn’t painted when the old metallics were around so I’m not sure if I need both steps or can I use just the top coat of the silver. Any advice?

Right now it looks like an angry storm at sea! It's gorgeous <3 <3

Thank you! I absolutely LOVE these colors!

I LOVE this. I have wondered how to do patina on furniture. I can't wait to do this!!!!

Hello from Oxford MS! My Old Silver has a top coat and base coat, which are you using?

Hey Brandy and Sean!! Love the Polar Express!! Patina on the bell would be amazing!!

Hi from Miami Florida I love your projects there so artistic and creative it’s wonderful to watch your tutorials

Sean, After seeing your beautiful entrance way, Brandy is giving you Christmas Day off! Lol

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Tonight Pam and Bill are using Slick Stick to paint marble and adding a beautiful Woodubend trim moulding to a table base. Keep up with them at Country Living Newbie Custom Decor

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12 hours ago

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Yes Angie use Slick Stick on your tiles first!

Say hello and tell us where you’re from!

Slick Stick is perfect for slippery surfaces!

Definitely clean with White Lightning first!

Pam is using Sawmill Gravy tonight!

Thanks so much! Great job!

We love Woodubend!

Hi Pam & Bill!

Great tips!

Pam is painting with Sawmill Gravy!

If your cabinets are laminate or a slippery surface use Slick Stick first! If you’re worried about bleed thru, use BOSS!

Pam is using Sawmill Gravy! We love this color!

Yes I have a marble top piece I’m about to do !

Love that trim

Hey gurl!!!!

I was told never to use SS on wood and to never use SS and BOSS that true?

Now you got me singing those songs...... I'm just a bill on capitol hill is now playing through my head...LOL That little cartoon bill singing on the steps.

Oh good gosh. It was awful. The tech, not Bianca. She’s awesome. We’ll chat.

Oh bill πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

That's so PRETTY!!!!❀ I have a little table just like this!!! Now I have a good idea of what I want to do ! Thanks Pam!!!!!

Hi from Saginaw Michigan. Would love to try wood u bend.

Just repainted all my kitchen cabinets in sawmill gravy and new sleek black hardware love that color

I love these videos. I'm a visual-tactile learner, so these teach me more than a thousand how-to books.

We have a Springhill shopping centre 5 min away from me here in Melbourne πŸ™‹‍♀️ hi

Have you done a comparison to other brands of paint, and if so, what made you decide on Dixie Belle? Tks

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