How to Apply Woodubend Moulds

Wood appliques that bend? Yep! You heard me right! Today I want to share with you how to apply these wood products to a curved surface. Thus the name… WoodUbend!

WoodUbend is a wood-based product that can be molded once it has been heated up. It has all the properties of wood and can be drilled, sanded, distressed, glued, painted, stained and varnished. A revolutionary and unique type of wood applique can be added to almost any surface.

Products Used:

How To:

Step 1. Heat the wood appliques with a heat gun or blow dryer first. Even if the surface you’re applying them to is flat you MUST heat them first.

This will cause the wood appliques to be reactivated so that it can be molded as well as allowing the glue to be absorbed into the wood. This will create a super-strong bond with the surface you’re applying it to.

Step 2. Apply a liberal amount of wood glue to the back of the wood applique. A bit of the glue will be absorbed into the wood while it is still warm and bendable.

Step 3. While the wood applique is still warm with the glue in place, apply it to the surface of your choice. If the WoodUbend cools off, it will become stiff once again and for this reason, you may need to reheat it even after applying the glue. Once it’s in place, once again add heat to help the glue and wood applique to bond to the surface.

Step 4.  Paint, stain or varnish your WoodUbend just like you would any other wood surface.

For this project, I chose to paintglazedark wax and add gilding wax to finish off this elegant look to add to the already embossed pattern. To read more about this painted piece, head to Do Dodson Designs here!

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  1. SollyJo says:

    Do is a true artist and a woman after my own heart. Very creative and very supportive of women and how they can be empowered.
    A super artistic genius

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi SollyJo, thanks for your sweet comment! We feel the same way about Do and you! Thanks for being in our DBP family! 🙂

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LIVE with Brushed by Brandy, playing with metallics...and patina!

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Hi Brandy! We’re so excited for this video!

Hi there

Hi Brandy..

Hey Brandy


Hi Brandy!

Happy December everyone!

Hey Brandy Kollenborn!

And Sean!

Hello from Arkansas

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Hi Brandy!

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Tonight Pam and Bill are using Slick Stick to paint marble and adding a beautiful Woodubend trim moulding to a table base. Keep up with them at Country Living Newbie Custom Decor

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Yes Angie use Slick Stick on your tiles first!

Say hello and tell us where you’re from!

Slick Stick is perfect for slippery surfaces!

Definitely clean with White Lightning first!

Pam is using Sawmill Gravy tonight!

Thanks so much! Great job!

We love Woodubend!

Hi Pam & Bill!

Great tips!

Pam is painting with Sawmill Gravy!

If your cabinets are laminate or a slippery surface use Slick Stick first! If you’re worried about bleed thru, use BOSS!

Pam is using Sawmill Gravy! We love this color!

Yes I have a marble top piece I’m about to do !

Love that trim

Hey gurl!!!!

I was told never to use SS on wood and to never use SS and BOSS that true?

Now you got me singing those songs...... I'm just a bill on capitol hill is now playing through my head...LOL That little cartoon bill singing on the steps.

Oh good gosh. It was awful. The tech, not Bianca. She’s awesome. We’ll chat.

Oh bill 🤣😂

The big snow people have fortitudes of steel. I would be like just shoot me now... I can't wait to move to Baton Rouge. Virginia gets her fair share, but with the kids all grown, I am so over cold and snow.

That's so PRETTY!!!!❤ I have a little table just like this!!! Now I have a good idea of what I want to do ! Thanks Pam!!!!!

Hi from Saginaw Michigan. Would love to try wood u bend.

Just repainted all my kitchen cabinets in sawmill gravy and new sleek black hardware love that color

We have a Springhill shopping centre 5 min away from me here in Melbourne 🙋‍♀️ hi

I love these videos. I'm a visual-tactile learner, so these teach me more than a thousand how-to books.

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