Tuxedo Striped End Table – Tracey’s Fancy

Tuxedo Striped End Table – Tracey’s Fancy

Funky and fun pieces can easily be created with Dixie Belle

Meet Tracey of Traceys Fancy, one of our fabulous brand ambassadors.
Tracey is known for her bold designs with bursts of color and cute patterns.

Tracey recently went on our Facebook LIVE with Do Dodson
Designs to paint with Dixie Belle Paint. 

“I was asked by Dixie Belle Paint Company to share with my viewers how to mix their paint colors to create new colors! They already offer 60 gorgeous colors&.but the possibility for even more are endless when you start to mix them together! So of course I said YES&..AND I agreed to do this with Do Dodson Designs! Do (short for Donna) and I have so much in common (we are both grandmas, retired nurses, and furniture painters&.AND the same age) and hit it off over ONE phone call!”

Tracey mixed Peony and Blueberry together to create a
luscious lavender. This colorful piece was complete without gold of course. Read
more about this piece here

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