Dixie Belle Paint Patina 101

Dixie Belle Paint Patina 101

you are a devoted do-it-yourself person then scrolling through furniture makeovers
is most likely the highlight of your evening. Flipping furniture may be your
weekend hobby, your passion or you last resorteither way I have great news for

lets get to it and talk patina! What is patina? Patina is a thin layer that
forms on the surface of metals like, copper, bronze and even stone. This
reaction can be replicated with Dixie Belle Paint Patina Collection on other surfaces
such as wood, plastic, cardboard, ceramic, glass and even Styrofoam! This is an
authentic patina finish, not a faux finish.


Are you wondering how to create patina the fastest way? Forget waiting around for
mother nature!  Patina is a natural
process that occurs over long periods of time as metals are exposed to air
and moisture. Patina is often found on old antique farm equipment and it can be
found on the Statue of Liberty.

do you need? Prime Start or Dixie Belle Paint, Iron, Bronze or Copper Patina
Paint and Patina Spray in Blue or Green. Lets start with Prime Start. Prime
Start is a product used to prepare and protect metal surfaces before applying

metal surfaces, you should always start with Prime Start. On any other surface,
you can choose your favorite Dixie Belle Paint Color. You do not have to use Prime
Start on non-metal pieces because this formula prevents the patina layer from
affecting the underlying metal. After you cover your piece allow it to dry completely.

Paint is infused with metal pieces and reacts when the Patina Spray is applied!
Layers of Iron, Bronze and Copper Patina Paint can be layered to create an
intriguing array of hues. To get a textured, eccentric look be sure to dab on
your Patina Paint and allow it to be a little messy! The peaks you create
with a dabbing motion will fill with Patina Spray. If you create perfect brush
strokes with the Patina Paint then the Patina Spray will fall into those lines
and create a patterned design.

Apply one layer of Patina
Paint and allow to dry. Apply a second layer of Patina Paint and apply the
Patina Spray while it is still wet! The Patina Spray comes in Blue and Green. After
the patina process takes place the area may be a little dusty. You can simply
wipe it off with a damp cloth! With a few simple steps, you can create a unique
patina that makes it look weathered, old and rusty!


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