How to use Vintage Duck Egg, Stormy Seas and Driftwood Together!

How to use Vintage Duck Egg, Stormy Seas and Driftwood Together!

After a good cleaning with white lightening, I chose a blended look for this piece to add interest to the otherwise flat faces on the front. Blending adds softness and interest where there may be none. I chose a graduation of blues, 3 similar shades from dark to light.

I did two blended coats on this piece, each done exactly the same so that I have two coats of each color over each other. The base coat is blended with a bit less precision knowing that it is just a base.

After two blended coats, I coated this piece in clear wax to seal my paint, now for the detailing. I started with black glaze, just to get into the low points of the acute details on the doors and carvings, wiping it back bottom the surrounding areas for a clean, dark line.

I came back right after glazing, once it had dried to the touch, and added gold gilding wax. I applied the gilding wax with a small artists brush and a steady hand. Gilding wax on its own is very durable, but I added another coat of clear wax to seal the glazing in. After a second coat of clear wax I added brown and black wax accents, smearing them outward from the dark glaze, to great a more shadowed effect. 

The top on this piece was gorgeous, a beautiful, clean piece of wood. I stained with two coats of no pain gel stain in espresso and coated in gator hide. The perimeter of the top is framed in intricate carved detail that would have been impossible to strip, so I painted that portion, glazed the crevices, and also coated in gator hide

The hardware is all original. I cleaned it well by soaking in white vinegar over night. It cleaned very well, but to make the gold coordinate, I hit the hardware with a bit of gold guilding wax as well. The gold on the piece was a bit harsh, so I distressed it back a bit using fine steel wool to expose the blue underneath as though it had been finely guilded ages ago, but worse for the wear.

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