How to Turn Paint Cans into Cute Holiday Centerpieces

How to Turn Paint Cans into Cute Holiday Centerpieces

Paint Cans,
turned into cute Holiday centerpieces! You can use an old paint can or perhaps
order them online or purchase at a local craft or hardware store. Start with a
blank can, these cans were painted with Dixie Belle Paint in the color Fluff, 2
coats each for the perfect coverage, this second coat will fill in all the
spots you miss with the first coat, and you dont need to prep the can.
Basically, work your way around the can, paint dries within 20 minutes.

Barn Red



Gold Metallic

Santa Can is painted with two coats of Dixie Belle Barn Red, she taped around
the can to make the stripe for the belt that was painted with Caviar. Gold
Metallic, and Fluff were used for the details. Nicole recommends two coats of
Dixie Belle Paint for pretty much for everything!

Her favorite
brush is the Dixie Belle Brush it is a smooth, super easy to work with paint
brush. A little bit of Dixie Belle goes a long way it has exceptional coverage!

Once two
coats have been applied, and dried. You will need a glue gun to glue on the
accents, ribbon and greenery. Nicole bought her ribbon, greenery/floral,
and stamp at a local craft store! Most Christmas items are on sale right now so
look for those sale items, and you can always find a coupon for JoAnnes,
Michaels, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore ext.!

A rubber
stamp was use in the shape of a snowflake. Make sure you shake your paint up,
used Metallic Gold to brush the paint onto the stamp, this is super easy just
stamp and place them around the can. Since the can is a round surface you may
have to roll the stamp. Usually you can get 2 stamps per 1 application of

Once all the
paint dries including details, apply a Clear Coat of Satin, which will give
just a little bit of a sheen. Once the clear coat is dried your piece will be
protected and durable!

On the lid
that comes with the can, paint two coats of Metallic Gold.

While your
lid dries you can work on gluing on the ribbon. You can cut your greenery the
length of the can, to arrange. Hot glue the greenery onto the can, and place
the ribbon above the greenery to cover the bottom! Dont burn yourself with the
hot glue gun, be careful! If the ribbon is a little loose at the bottom you can
glue around the bottom.

You can use
the cans for storage, dog treats, store you paint brushes inside!

By: Nicole
LaLibery Kallish from Redoux SRQ, Sarasota FL a Dixie Belle Retailer.

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