How to Paint a Piano – Do Dodson Designs

How to Paint a Piano – Do Dodson Designs

What is musical, has 88 keys and looks great painted with Dixie Belle Paint? If you guessed a piano, you are so right! 

Check out how Do of Do Dodson Designs was able to transform her piano with paint.

For this incredible project, Do used White Lighting CleanerBOSS in White, Dixie Belle Paint in Driftwood and Fluff, as well as Easy Peasy WaxWhite Best Dang Wax, a chip brush and NEW Round Large Brush.

The first light is the area of the furniture that are touched first by the light. That would be any protruding area. Heres best tip for highlighting these areas. Put your piece near a window and look at where the light hits it first. These areas will be lighter. This is called highlights. I like to add these highlights to my furniture to give it the appearance of light.

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