How to Effortlessly Mix Styles – Tracey’s Fancy

How to Effortlessly Mix Styles – Tracey’s Fancy

Want to add a touch of playfulness to your furniture piece? 

See how Tracey of Traceys Fancy was able to do just that with her beautiful dresser. 

For her stunning piece, Tracey used Dixie Belle Paint in Tree Frog GreenCaviarFluff, and Grunge Glaze.

I envisioned something different than I had ever seen&&it came to me quickly&.and I couldnt wait to make it real! I had a dresser in my inventory that I wasnt fond of at all&..and had tried many times to get my husband to haul it off! It was NOT a perfect fit for my design plan&..but I decided to give it a shot!”

For the full tutorial click here.

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